Sounds like a typical interview question isn’t it? Well, be honest, how many times do you build your applications or components using a strong interface-oriented solution? 😏 Is not funny, requires more time and more code, more files… so it really worth it?

Well, in my case I started using them, almost three years after my first job as a developer. I really did not understand how they work, and how to work with them neither. The concept initially is difficult to understand. …

Functional programming (often abbreviated FP), is just another programming paradigm, like object-oriented programming and procedural programming. Meaning that it is a way of thinking about software construction, with new concepts, techniques, and principles that must be followed. Of course, we are going to explore them later in this post. But for now, don’t let all the new concepts scare you away.

FP is a declarative paradigm, in which the code is written without explicitly describing the flow control, and that comes with a lot of benefits. …

Josue Alpizar

Hi, I’m Josue, a software developer and graphic designer. I’m an adventurer and wanderer. Geek passionate about coding stuff. JavaScript and C#.

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